Mikey Espinosa – The Keeper

Mikey Espinosa – The Keeper (24.09.2012) Ink & watercolour on A2 paper.

This art piece was inspired by this piece of choreography. 

The way both dancers create chemistry between them and the lyrics sung by Teyana Taylor is what made me “feel” something while watching this. Now I’m no dancer but everyone has a way of interpreting something, I like how the two characters have some sort of hold with each other, though one person is doing something different the other is moving in a way that it correlates.There’s constant pulling and pushing.

As mentioned before, I like people to interpret my artwork however they want, even though the ideas I wanted to portray may be different to yours, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong :)! The artwork I did represents the idea of an individual being locked and chained wanting to be broken from whatever it is they are holding inside, people have tried to unlock it but their tries and failures only cause damage. There will be a day when it will be unlocked but would it be because of a perfect key, or would it have to go through so much before it is broken and set free?

I hope you like the artwork and enjoyed the video!


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