Robecca Steam

It’s been a while since I spoke about the little things that I like so since I made a purchase today, I decided to write about what it was I bought. A couple of months ago I blogged about the three new characters introduced to monster high, Rochelle Goyle, daughter of the gargoyle, Robecca Steam, daughter of the mad scientist and Venus Mcflytrap, daughter of the plant monster. I originally planned to ONLY purchase Venus but when I saw Rochelle Goyle, the subtle colours and simplicity of the doll charmed me and I decided she was an exception. For a few months I waited and waited for Venus and she still wasn’t being sold here in London! (Maybe she was but I couldn’t find her.) Then today I saw Robecca Steam… I looked at it and the detail of this doll was BEAUTIFUL! I gave in!

These are my favourite details on the doll, first of all the Penguin is cute, it even has a rocket backpack. Robeccas backpack has clock details on them and I didn’t realise this until I had a closer look, now I realise why the ball like link sways back and forth, so it gives the same affect of a regulator clock! The details on the boots are beautiful and fine, compared to the shoes the other dolls I own wear, these have to be my favourite, tints of darker shades of bronze at that aged affect to the shoes. Looking closely at her skin, it’s as if her skin was pieced together by bolting it and I love how it continues around her body. The eyes are cogs… imagine how that would look if she was a working doll and it looked at you right in the eyes!, she wears a leather skirt and a short patent jacket. A blue crinoline with fine detail is worn over the leather skirt and that adds to the 1800s twist to this modern look. Her earrings are also cogs and she sports goggles which keeps her side parting in place. She also has blue streaks that match the steampunk inspired accessories.I’m happy with this purchase! *fingers cross* Hopefully I can find the Venus Mcflytrap doll soon. Robecca was hard to find and she isn’t as sought after as Venus!


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