This Winter…

Just some thoughts…

What do I wear this winter? I’ve recently calmed down with wearing overly statement pieces, keeping it simple, comfort over anything! Ella December has recently been talking to me and showing me turtle necks so I dug up my Versace turtle neck that I blogged about ages ago.


Who needs a scarf when you have a turtle neck right? It does start to suffocate me a little bit, but maybe because I’m not used to wearing them. I’m so used to wearing loose and lightweight things, but i’ll probably get the hang of it.

I also bought this from Topshop, it’s a nice ear hook with wings! No piercings needed :p

I saw this film called “Flowers of war”. It’s a film based on the “Rape of Nanjing” it was very hard to watch but it’s a memorable film. The women in it were very glamorous.

They wore cheongsam dresses, westernised with their jackets etc. But I was fascinated with their 1940s hair waves which reminded me of Veronica Lake… I’ve been trying to imitate it…

But I’m keeping the waves at a minimum because I doubt it would suit me!


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