Rebirth customisation

When I released the rebirth sweatshirt, to make sure the quality of it and everything was good, I did every day things with it just to see its durability such as  going grocery shopping, eating, washing it above the recommended temperature etc. Everything was fine but I couldn’t sell a used product to the customer so… since it was a test piece, I thought why not experiment on it? With people tie dying, adding studs and cutting clothing, why not have fun doing it with the rebirth sweatshirt, hopefully inspiring people who have purchased it to make it individual and unique to them! Of course if you don’t want to, that’s your choice!

So far…

DSC_0889I‘ve cut the neck to make it wider, it can also be tilted to make it an off shoulder sweater…

DSC_0875I’ve also cut a simple upside down triangle to accentuate posture and reveal the spine, it’s just simple detail for now.

I remember what my art teacher said “Make mistakes, just go for it.” So I think I’m going to go ahead with playing around with this piece, manipulating texture, maybe do a bit more cutting and probably add things to it to show different ways of customising. I don’t know if you remember this textile art piece I did but I’ll probably go to these extremes with the textile play!

Mikey Espinosa - Natural formIF you would like to purchase the Mikey Espinosa rebirth sweatshirt, click >HERE<

Have a blessed day! Peace 🙂




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