Mikey Espinosa – 2012 summary

Happy New year!

I hope your holidays have been good to you! Last year was a great year and regarding my art work, I’ve been pushed to explore ideas and skills! Most of this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the feedback I’ve received from people and the work I’ve done through collaborations such as doing the art work for Ella December short stories. I feel like I’ve improved on the male body but in particular photoshop. I used to be so bad at using photoshop and playing around with different tools helped me to understand how to execute things. Another thing I never expected to do was directing videos and that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the help of Nekuro who helped make my ideas and vision come to life, be sure to check out his work. I just wanted to put together a picture of all the art pieces I did last year (excluding the pieces with Agape and the women)!

Mikey Espinosa 2012 SummaryNow it’s 2013! It’s time to step it up! Stay tuned for future projects and releases and thank you for all the feedback, support and love you’ve shown me so far!




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