Me Voir – Mikey Espinosa

Mikey Espinosa - Me Voir

The first painting of 2013! I named it ‘Me Voir’ which in French means See me (hopefully haha). I was inspired by the line “Men don’t see me, they just lay their eyes on me.” which I heard on a documentary about Marilyn Monroe. I’ve always been interested Marilyn, she is an iconic figure and timeless! But it is only recently that I’ve decided to research on her as a person and she is extremely complex, from what I gathered, she was lost because her alter ego ‘Marilyn Monroe’ took over her life and that’s who men fell in love with. The idea of living up to someones idea of how you should be inspired me, Imagine, the pressures of someone falling in love with you then falling out of love because they fell in love with someone they thought you were. They leave you or fall out of love because they discover you, the human you and your flaws. I guess ‘Me Voir’ is just about being wanted to be loved for the real you which I think a lot of people can relate to. When I painted this, I was thinking ‘If people see this, would they see a sexual image, or something more.’

It’s been a while since I used acrylic paint and the image below displays my skills at it’s strongest… I think I’ve lost it a little! I painted this a few years ago and it was during a time where I was constantly using acrylic. I think I need to somehow find a balance with each medium if I want to keep everything up! Mikey Espinosa - Expressive boobs


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