Mikey Espinosa – The battle (Part 1 – Rebirth)

When I was younger I used to love story telling, creating characters and story lines, creating my own world that I can escape to (in the form of comics). I was definitely influenced by geek culture! I used to read Marvel and DC comics, as well as Manga, play video games and collecting figurines and action figures … Okay I still do that! I’M PROUD OF IT! With these sweatshirt designs, I wanted to stir it towards story telling reigniting that old flame. The current designs I’ve done are more of an introduction to the characters and the sides. I’ve already introduced the Rebirth characters and I’ve done a few illustrations of them, I still haven’t introduced the characters from the Endure sweatshirt and as to why they are naked! But all will be revealed soon!

I was thinking about either starting an online comic or telling a story through illustration art. But for now I’m enjoying making ‘Poster-esque’ images. Here’s what I’ve done so far!

Rebirth at WarvsEndure at War The first image features the ladies from the Rebirth sweatshirt (whom I have already introduced) Left to right –  Gracious, Demonah, Dreama, Liberty, Agape                   The second image features the ladies from the Endure sweatshirt… They will be revealed soon! More art to come! STAY TUNED!!

Mikey x

Here are the Rebirth and Endure Sweatshirts, they can be purchased > CLICK HERE <



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