My Monster High dolls update 2013!

First off, for all the Monster high fans that visit my page! Apologies for the delay with my updates! I’ve been so caught up with art and things I haven’t been able to dedicate some time for the new dolls I have! FIrst of all I’d like to welcome  Skelita Calaveras who is a calaca from Hexico (Mexico.) She is part of the Scaris line and is studying fashion design. Skelita comes with a pink suitcase and her diary includes fashion design doodles. DSC_0128This is the doll itself, she has an orange streak with her hair half up, half down. Her face is beautifully painted inspired by the Mexican painted skulls known as Sugar skulls. Her look is inspired by the Day of the dead traditions.DSC_0130Another thing which I loved about the doll was that when her clothes are taken off, the body stays true to the theme and she is ALL SKELETON! With detailed ribs, spine and pelvic bones!

DSC_0135 Another doll I would like to show you is the Venus McFlytrap doll which I finally have! It is definitely one of my favourites, she has vine like carvings on her hands and vine wraps around her arms and legs. She has a punky look to her with a Cassie like hair shave! I don’t know what it is but her hair compared to a lot of the other dolls feels softer and looks shinier! But so far, my favourite Monster high doll is Rochelle Goyle which is totally unexpected! I just love her dainty look! I’ve completed this wave of Monster high dolls… Bring on Jinafire Long the Chinese dragon from the next batch to partner up with Skelita ! DSC_0143


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