Mikey Espinosa Tie dye 2013!

Last year, I did a bit of tie dyeing and they came out successful , click >here< to check out instructions! I Now it is that time of year where I get excited for spring and summer and start to think about bright colours and since my tees from last year went missing *cough… friends borrowing them and not returning!” I decided to make a new batch. I did a simple spiral pattern where you lay the item of clothing flat on the floor and twist your fingers so that it creates a spiral, gather the edges and tie it with elastic bands and start to tie dye!IMG_8811In my head I had all these colours and patterns but with tie dyeing… It’s always random no matter HOW hard you try, you’re one lucky or skillful person if you manage to get the right colours and the right pattern! The tee with the flamingo pink centre, I originally wanted it to be lime green and light pink… I attempted to mix dyes together and it came out a dark-ish green. The red one I original wanted it to be yellow and orange, but I ended up getting red because my pink dye got onto the tee (since I am a very messy worker!) so I just decided to splash pink, red and yellow onto it. The one in the centre was a more relaxed pattern and the pinkish yellow item is my undies haha… I didn’t want to waste the dye! So here’s how they turned out! DSC_0187What do you think? … All I have to say is that when tie dyeing, whatever fabric is exposed, will be affected by the dye! So don’t ever feel like you are applying too much, I only wish I drenched it in dye because I do feel that there is too much white on the tee! I tend to like my tees oversized with a relaxed fit so I trim the neck, to make a wider mouth. DSC_0189I cut close to the neck, then seal off the seams with a thread and needle…DSC_0191And here we are! :D! Hope this will inspire you to recycle those old tees or items of clothing and find new ways of wearing old clothes!DSC_0269


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