Jinafire Long

Finally! After how many months… BAM I own Jinafire Long! First of all Jinafire’s name is played on the name Jennifer… Cool points already all the way up there! Jinafire is the daughter of the Chinese dragon and is from Fanghai, another wordplay on the place Shanghai.
DSC_0632 DSC_0642 Analysing the doll, she has to be one of my favourites, after the Venus McFlytrap doll. I feel like the Monster High dolls are paying more and more attention to detail! Jinafire has long green hair with black streaks and it’s styled in an intricate way. It reminds me of Hatsumomo from Memoirs of a Geisha, when she isn’t all made up as a Geisha! hair loosely hanging from a bun. She has a hair piece that has red tassels and what looks like a golden flower, which I assume must be a Chrysanthemum. Her skin is gold and it’s metallic paint accentuates the scales. Her dress has a modern twist on the Chinese Cheongsam and is draped with a mesh fabric. Her Dragon tail also has a green tip to match with her hair. The doll is a beautiful and my next purchase will hopefully be Catrine Demew!Untitled-1


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