Mikey Espinosa – Art in early 2013



For the past few months I’ve been inspired by music and self expression but a lot of these paintings were done on impulse. So now I’ve decided, for the next few months, I want to take my time and focus not only expressing a feeling or emotion but on the skill. I want to see how I can develop this style and also explore and develop my own painting skills. As an artist I do feel like there is never a limit, you’re always changing, your art changes as you grow older and experience and see new things. I used to get so drawn back when I saw someone who I felt was better than me but now I’ve realised that you cannot compare art. Everyone is different, everyone has different tastes.

There is no perfect, just better than before.

You can only get better, with your craft. I posted the work I’ve done recently on two separate projects on my BEHANCE … The Empress & The King. Please let me know what you think :).




Mikey Espinosa - My quiet lullabyMikey Espinosa - Time to sleep





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