Mikey Espinosa x Mary Hoang

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine named Mary Hoang made this dress and gave me the creative freedom to do whatever I want with it, so I decided to keep it simple and paint faces of the character I created Agape using textile paint. I felt like it looked a little plain with just black line so I added small touches of red on the lips.  Mikey Espinosa x Mary Hoang 1 Mikey Espinosa x Mary Hoang 2I painted on both sides of the dress, the first one being the design going across the body and the second design starting from the middle and working its way to the corners of the dress. I had a lot of fun doing this and maybe in the near future I could try out other designs and maybe even customising it using beads. It’s definitely gotten me thinking of the direction I could go with my clothing prints.


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