Tomb Raider – Play arts Kai REVIEW

TombRaider The packaging for Lara has an open window display where you can view the figure and her items which are labelled, there are also descriptions of the items and how it helped Lara in her quest to uncover the secrets of Yamatai and Queen Himiko. On the back there are images of different poses and scenes Lara could be in. The main image features Lara in a burning background with the play arts and Tomb Raider logo.
DSC_0998The sculpt and paint jobs are fantastic and incredibly detailed, from the small tears in her clothing, the texture of her weapons and clothing, to the dirt on her skin. The figure is based on Lara the survivor, at this point, she’s gone through hell and she’s now fearless, no longer is she weak and submissive!DSC_1000She comes with a handgun, shot gun, bow and of course her climbing axe which she also uses as a weapon. 
DSC_0982She comes with detachable hands so that gripping certain weapons would be possible. She also has 40 points of articulation and is approximately 8 inches tall.DSC_1004My opinion. An amazing figure, compared to the final fantasy Play arts kai figures that I own, she is extremely detailed and a lot of care and attention was given into this figure. Worth getting especially if you’re a Tomb Raider/Lara Croft fan, especially since this is a reboot and the first figure to comb from this new series! My next purchase… BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT – CATWOMAN!



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