Photoshop make up play! (Feat Ella December)

It all started when I did this drawing a few weeks ago, the original drawing I did had minimal make up and since I wanted to enhance the features I decided to darken the eyes using eyeliner and simple lipstick. When I finished I thought to myself “Well that was fun!” So I decided to play around with colours and styles that I’ve seen in magazines or in tutorials that some of my friends do and ended up with this!  Mikey Espinosa - Chinese Beauty makeup play1Ella December (who if you’re new to my blog, is a writer who I do illustrations for) is writing a new series known as Crossroads. I started working with photoshop on her story inspired by the music of Kanye West Blame Game but I was such an amateur on photoshop, all I knew how to do was colour in the skin, shade, brighten and create collages. Then there was Mimi memoirs, where I carried on doing the same thing but worked more on understanding skin tone and shadows. Now that I feel like there has been progress with colouring the skin, make up on the characters would definitely add more colour and make the image pop, just a little bit more.
Crossroads beauty shots ALLThe image above is the original promo image, I didn’t do too much with the make up because I wanted it to be very simple. The next couple of images are the characters without make up, with the promo make up and with fun make up.
Zora makeup compilationFrom red to Ombre lips, I took inspiration from simply the colours of apples!
Chelsea makeup compilationThis character had subtle girly make up, so I decided to give her a darker more vampy look, using purple and gold. Yvette makeup compilationI was very much inspired by the musical Chicago, giving this lady a slick back, mature look, highlighting her cheekbones.Veronique makeup compilationI gave this lady a more Hollywood, 1960’s type heavy make up. But with a colourful twist, complementing her Burgundy/red hair with greens… I also had DC Universe’s Poison Ivy in mind!

When it comes to my development as a Photoshop user, I think I’m progressing, but only through playing around. I’m definitely having a lot of fun but one thing I want to work on is the hair of the characters. At the moment, I’m drawing them and then colouring them in, but I’m sure there’s a specific way to draw characters so that it’s photoshop friendly. I’m looking at comic books and gaming concept art especially to see how they edit their images. If anyone has advice for me or questions and if anyone can suggest any photoshop artists or comic books! Please let me know!

Thank you for taking the time in reading this post, hope you liked it and have a great day :)!


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