Mikey Espinosa – Birth of Gaia + Update

I haven’t been so active because I guess you could say I’ve been soul searching creatively. Sometimes I think it’s good just to step away for a little while, still keep momentum with the creative juices but when it comes to personal projects, I’m working on something and all I can say now is that it’s called “Project Cian” but the name may be subject to change. I want it to be a surprise :), a surprise I hope people will enjoy. I’m still keeping up with my collaborations and I’m seeing opening my mind a little more, reading books, going to theatres and hopefully travelling (fingers crossed). Just seeing and experiencing more.

On other news this is a painting I did called “Birth of Gaia”

Mikey Espinosa - Birth of GaiaI painted the background and the “explosion” in 2011 and I left the centre blank, I felt like it was something that I should just put aside until I felt like it was ready for it to be finished. Two years later, I needed something to inspire or push me to start Project Cian and so I completed this and called it “The birth of Gaia”. I guess you could say it’s my first teaser to Cian!

This art piece is currently on display on Portobello roads Juice Cafe, so if you’re ever visiting the lovely Portobello road and fancy some juice and art work, take a visit! Let me know what you think if you ever visit :). Next time I visit the Juice Cafe I’ll be sure to take pictures and post them here!

I’ve just finished the illustrations for Ella Decembers upcoming book Crossroads so stay tuned to see them!

Love n Peace everyone!



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