Marvel Legends – Emma Frost

Emma Frost 1I finally have one of my favourite Marvel characters, Miss Emma Frost aka the White Queen, former Hellfire Club member and recently a Phoenix 5 lady. There have been a few “unattractive” Emma figurines but I must say that personally, I kinda like this one, she has a nice face sculpt. Though the paint job isn’t that bad, the eyes irk me just a little and some of the figures have a tendency to be a little cross eyed, but that’s only on a few. I would have personally preferred longer hair but the shoulder length one stays true to her original design and the beach waves add character to the figure.

The body sculpt has heels which I’m happy about because it adds to her persona. The paint job is simple and block coloured compared to the Mystique figure. I wish they added a few more accents on Emma. She has one clenched hand and one open.

One thing that annoys me with the figures is that they can’t close their legs and sometimes the paint really affects the mobility of the figures, a few nudges on the joints have me panicking a little, fearing that I might break it! So please Hasbro/toywiz whoever it is that’s in charge of these now! Relieve my fear! Other than that not bad!

Emma Frost faceOverall, I am happy with this figure, though a few minor touches would have made Emma a little extra special, a detachable cape would have been nice but I’m fine with the figure as it is! Now she can join my femme fatale theme :D! Mikeys M women 10.


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