Catwoman – Play Arts kai

Body Catwoman Mikeylovestoys A few weeks ago it was my birthday and my friends know that I’m an action figure collector, especially when it comes to femme fatale. A femme fatale collection isn’t complete without Catwoman. I’m very picky with the appearance of Catwoman, my preference is the classic Catwoman from the 60s television series, especially the sexy and feminine portrayal Julie Newmar and I felt that Anne Hathaways incarnation in the Dark Knight pays homage to that costume.  Catwoman claws MikeylovestoysAlthough she is mainly in a black catsuit, there are fine details that give character to the figure. These details are the range of textures and paint applications that give a leathery effect. She comes with changeable hands, two faces (one without goggles and one without), a gun, stand and two interchangeable hair one windswept and another relaxed.
Catwoman huh? Mikeylovestoys I prefer to use the windswept hair because it adds movement to the image when it comes to photographing her and she is definitely photogenic.Catwoman you freeze MikeylovestoysI’m slowly building up my Play arts collection and I’m currently waiting for my Final fantasy 13 Vanille to arrive to complete my FF13 female trio!


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