Mikey Espinosa – Oneself

Mikey Espinosa - AS Sculpture 2This is a sculpture piece that I did in my first year of sixth form. Around this time I was looking at artists from the Pre-Raphaelites era as well as Hellenistic art. A lot of these art pieces focused on beauty and poise and I tried to incorporate how these were used to convey a feeling. I was also studying natural form at the time and how some plants (such as Ivy and weeds) grew around objects and buildings, becoming one with it. Nature, man and presence was what came to mind and I used this concept to produce this.

It was an interesting medium for me to take on because I wouldn’t say 3D art wasn’t my strength but I accepted the challenge to see what the process was like. Unlike painting and drawing, you’re very hands on with whats in front of you and I kept saying to myself “does this feel right” I’m sure it might have looked a little awkward at times ha!

Once the actual shape had taken form, the next task was to paint over it and I found it a little difficult when it came to painting the hair. I started off painting using contrasting tones but it was a little harsh and didn’t compliment the piece so I opted for a washed out, ethereal pallet.

During the sixth form art exhibition a lot of people were trying to work out what message I was trying to convey, although a lot of people had a similar idea, how they interpreted the pose, the objects I put around the body, the hair were completely different! Some even went into the idea of Chakras and the universe. So I’m glad to hear that most people have a different take on the piece even ideas that I couldn’t think of! Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of this piece so I don’t know what’s become of it!


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