Ella December – Crossroads

Crossroads art cover 3d title“Chelsea, Veronique, Zora and Yvette are all in their mid-twenties who have been friends since school. They have all reached successful and comfortable positions in their lives. The foursome appear to be happy but their lives have all hit a crossroads, hence the title.
Chelsea Pierre has used her gorgeous looks to help her in life. She decides it’s time to grow up and look after herself. Her new job at a PR company provides her with some lessons about life.
Veronique Marcel is loud and proud of it, she loves being different and indulges in her uniqueness. But what peculiar secret is Veronique hiding from her friends?
Twenty-five year old writer Zora Otieno is newly married and bored. Zora finds a cure for her writer’s block and boredom, but is the danger she encounters worth the thrill?
Yvette Claude is the workaholic who came from humble beginnings to become a successful investment banker. Often teased about putting her career before everything else, has her success come at a costly price?”

– Ella December

Support and enjoy this story that I was honoured to be a part of for the talented Ella December!

Ella December’s book is now available to purchase as a hardcopy > HERE <

and you can buy the kindle copy > HERE <



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