Mikey Espinosa – Musicals (Miss Saigon art)

YES, I love musicals!, the earliest musical I remember seeing was STARLIGHT EXPRESS when I was very young. Include watching Disney movies and you’re bound to love story telling through music. So when I discovered Miss Saigon launched Lea Salongas career in the late 80s early 90s, I was immediately attracted to the show. Lea Salonga played the singing voice of disney’s Mulan and Jasmine as well as Les Miseralbles Fantine and Eponine, you can’t say that that isn’t epic! Unfortunately because Miss Saigon ended before I got the chance to want to see it I was upset! My family had seen it and always praised it. With the West end revival this year and with the blessing of Youtube having various interpretations of the songs, I was inspired to do a couple of fan art pieces in honour of my favourite tunes from the musical. Mikey Espinosa - Miss Saigons GigiGigi – Movie in my mindMikey Espinosa - Miss Saigons EllenEllen – Now that I’ve seen herMikey Espinosa - Miss Saigons Kim and Chris

Kim and Chris – Now that I’ve seen her

Of course I wanted to have the iconic sun set and red art from the promotional work so I decided to imagine what my paintings would look like as posters 😛
Mikey Espinosa - Miss Saigon Chris and KimMikey Espinosa - Miss Saigon GigiMikey Espinosa - Miss Saigon Ellen


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