Mikey Espinosa – There’s a world

Mikey Espinosa - There's a world progressFirst doodle/drawing/painting I’ve done this year that isn’t linked to a project or anything! I decided to go over my technique and evaluate how I can improve on things, just by watching how I translate visual images in my mind onto paper. Mikey Espinosa - There's a world (drawing)First things first, my love/hate relationship with pencils is officially over! I used to see it as a messy medium (like chalk and  pastels) but I decided maybe I should stop being a clean freak and get down and dirty. I wouldn’t say I use it as one of my main mediums but it’s extremely helpful when it comes to planning out a drawing… I know right, I’m years behind on training! It’s a little faint but I used pencil to plan the outline and the shading then used pen to define areas.Mikey Espinosa - There's a world (water colour)Water colour paints were used to lightly add depth to the figure using the skin I would be using on photoshop.
Mikey Espinosa - There's a world (plain square)FINISHED !  I was having a bit of fun, just to get back into the habit of painting and drawing.


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