Mikey Espinosa – The 4 Beauties of China

Mikey Espinosa - Four Beauties of China squareMy re-imagining of the Legendary 4 Beauties of China. Mikey Espinosa - DiaoChan - 4 beauties of China Diao Chan – Said to be so beautiful, the moon would shy away in embarrassment when compared to her (existence uncertain, Three Kingdom period).

Diao Chan brought upon the fall of two allies, tyrant Dong Zhuo and his adopted son Lu Bu. Her adoptive father Minister Wangyun witnessed a brutal beheading at Dong Zhuos palace and was greatly disturbed. Diao Chan had noticed this and offered herself to find a way to eliminate the tyrant. She was presented as a concubine to Dong Zhuo as well as a wife to be to Lu Bu. They both couldn’t agree on how to settle the situation and Diao Chan added fuel to their feud causing great jealous and eventually Lu Bu assassinating Dong Zhuo. Her fate is still unknown, some say she wandered the lands with LuBu, others say she was killed with her father for their manipulation by Dong Zhuos remaining followers. A Brutal ending is also known saying that she was decapitated by the legendary Guan Yu to avoid any further disputes while a contrasting story tells us Guan Yu allowed her to live the rest of her days as a nun.

Mikey Espinosa - Lady Xishi - 4 beauties of China

Xishi – Said to be so beautiful, fish would forget to swim and sink as she passes by (7th century BC).

Celebrated for her natural beauty, she was selected by King of Yue Gou Jian (who was vanquished by the state of Wu) and was trained in royal court etiquette. Gou Jian sent his minister Fan Li to take Xishi as a tribute gift from Yue to the Prince of Wu. Xishi and Fan Li fell in love and secretly confessed their love for each other. The Prince of Wu welcomed Xishi and was enamoured by her appearance, so distracted he forgot his duties. Xishi continued to distract him eventually bringing political chaos allowing Gou Jian to take back his honour. Xishi was said to have disappeared with Fan Li after the death of the Prince of Wu never to be seen again.

Mikey Espinosa - Wang Zhaojun - 4 beauties of China

Wang Zhaojun – Said to be so beautiful, her appearance would entice birds to fall from the sky (Han Dynasty 1st century BC).

Wang Zhaojun became a concubine during the reign of Emperor Yuan. Yuan chose his partners and lovers by looking at their portraits. Due to the many maidens, competition was harsh and this caused a lot of bribes and offerings to the artists to make them as beautiful as possible. When Wang Zhaojuns portrait was seen by the emperor she seemed the ugliest and was sent to become the bride of a barbaric nation to calm relations. However on the day of her leave, the Emperor fell in love with her and brought the death of the artist. It was too late for Yuan to reclaim her.

Mikey Espinosa - Yang Guifei - 4 beauties of ChinaYang Guifei – Said to be so beautiful, her face would put flowers to shame (719 – 756, Tang Dynasty.)

Yang Guifei also known as Yang Yuhuan grew up to be a beauty who caused the downfall of a nation. She rose to become favoured by the Tang Emperor Xuanzong and her family members gained high social ranks. The Emperor began neglecting his duties and giving his complete attention to Yang Guifei soon causing a rebellion against him and the capital. The lovers fled but soldiers soon caught them off guard and demanded her death. Without a choice, she killed herself with the people believing she had brought danger to their country when it was in fact the self indulgent emperor who had let go of his duties causing corruption within the land.


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