Frank Ocean – Forever (art part 1)

Frank Oceans music still gets to me and his story telling through it is beautiful. I decided to tell my own story through his creative work. It was a little difficult at first to decide how I would tell these stories, should I go through specific songs or a collective of songs. I wasn’t so sure until I listened to Nostalgia Ultra and Channel Orange again. The feelings that comes through the music correlate with each other . There is an emotional process you go through when you listen to the music and bringing the feelings and thoughts through the whole collection and bringing it to one song made sense and I wanted to start with ‘Thinking bout you.’ That was the song that brought the masses his music and although I consider his work masterpieces collectively, ‘Thinking bout you’ is easily the song that stays embedded in peoples minds.

This one starts with reincarnation and old souls.

My temple and I

Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean (main art 1) Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean opening (1 art)


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