During Halloween week, I was inspired by all the creative designs i’ve seen so I decided to design a few monsters for you!

The prom queen, worshipped and hated by her classmates for her beauty and arrogance. It all happened on prom night, she was expecting to be crowned and when it happened, she saw her prom king lunge at her taking a bite at her lip. In a fit of insecurity, hoping her face wasn’t damaged she ran to her bag for her mirror. She gazed at her face as she walked into a prom hall filled with chaos, the attention wasn’t on her … so she clutched onto the heads of her peers until all eyes were on her.
Mikey Espinosa - Halloween 2015 - Art redesign - Beauty queen coloured SQ close upI wanted to show how a zombie infliction could drastically change someones appearance. The stereotypical, beauty of a prom queen being ravaged by a virus that eats away at your flesh and sanity would perfectly show the drastic changes. I included a mirror as her main weapon.Mikey Espinosa - Halloween 2015 - Art redesign - Beauty zombie queen


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