Mikey Espinosa – The Golden Mestiza dress

Painted with acrylic on canvas, I wanted to capture the beauty of the traditional Filipino dress known as the Mestiza. I also created an illusion of what seems to be either the dress soaked half way in water or a galaxy styled design. The sleeves reach towards the sky as if in flames to show the power, intensity and heat of the Philippine country and adorned her with pearls since the Philippines is known to be the Pearl of the Orient.mikey-espinosa-golden-mestiza-dress-painting-24-june-2016mikey-espinosa-golden-mestiza-dress-painting-24-june-2016-1mikey-espinosa-golden-mestiza-dress-painting-24-june-2016-2mikey-espinosa-golden-mestiza-dress-painting-24-june-2016-3


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