Because of my visit to the Philippines, I’ve had the opportunity to take in as much of the culture as I can and discovered that because of the Philippines being a melting pot of different cultures from Asia and the west, there have been many influences and changes to various traditional Filipina costumes.

This traditional dress of the Philippines is known as the Mestiza, it normally has the oblong shape sleeves and an almost fitted silhouette for the body of the dress. It is normally worn for formal occasions and embroidered.

I decided to add the sleeves as a separate piece with an added long piece of fabric to add elegance. The fabric I imagine being used would be made of pina, woven from pineapple leaves which is used for the traditional barong (transparent shirt) which is worn by the men.filipino-teaser-fashionmestiza-mikey-espinosa-x-filipino-women-3-may-final-2016


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