I am a KPOP fan, but as KPOP became more an more mainstream and the industry kept popping out more bands and singers and I could not keep up. I became fans of several bands like 2NE1, Sistar, EXID just to name a few. But when I was a teenager looking for celebrities that looked like me, I discovered Wonder Girls on YOUTUBE. As well as Big bang and Girls Generation but Wonder Girls really touched me on a level! The music was fun and so were the dance moves and thats when my love of Kpop began in the year 2006. Ten years later the band have finally ended, with a few line up changes and returns I decided to create fan art to show my love for the group.Mikey Espinosa - Wonder girls teaserSohee, I always called her the youngest member, she was known for her cute persona on stage and her popularity was boosted when their hit song TELL ME came out and she did her aegyo phrase “Omona” (apologies if that was spelt wrong.) She left the group in 2014 to pursue her acting career and ended up in the well known zombie film “Train to Busan.”

Sun Mi was the visual of the group, model and singer she left in 2010 to continue her studies and once graduated she released a solo song before rejoining the Wonder Girls in 2015 during their revamped period.

Lim, also known as Hyelim joined the group in 2010, replacing Sun Mi. I always appreciated her dancing skills and rapping. It took me a while to get used to her being in the group but I was awed when she collaborated with Ye Eun during her solo period.

SunYe was the leader and lead vocals of the group, holding the group together all the way from the beginning until she left in 2015 to get married and start a family. The girls went to her wedding and it was great to see that they still support each other.

Hyuna is well known for her rapping and dancing and YES it is the Hyuna who released the catchy Bubble Pop song and who later joined the group 4minute. She was there in the beginning of the band but had left due to health issues before joining 4MINUTE.

Yubin was my bias in Wonder Girls and was the rapper of the group, replacing Hyuna. She remained in the band all the way through to the end. In the later years of the Wonder girls, they reached learned how to play instruments for their song I FEEL YOU and she had learnt how to play the drums.

Ye Eun, the longest member of the band and as the years went by, I grew more fonder of her. She started to write songs for the group especially during the revamped years.Mikey Espinosa - WonderGirls instagram post - ALLTOGETHER

I love the Wonder Girls and everything they have done for KPOP, for me Wonder Girls will always have a place in my heart!


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