Mikey Espinosa is a British-Filipino all round artist. Who’s expertise varies from illustration, to classic portraits to textile art. 21 years old and extremely versatile and talented Mikey has been involved in a handful of projects from his own to collaborations with peers.

Mikey has always been fascinated by the female form and this inspired his foray into clothing in October 2012 with his Rebirth & Endure sweatshirts, completing the 2012/2013 collection with three new t-shirt designs. All featuring illustrations of women.

Aside from clothing, Espinosa is also an illustrator. He collaborated with long-time friend writer Ella December on her two book collections – RAW Series and Mimi Memoirs. He was responsible for and created the cover art and illustrations inside the eight books and as well as doing cover art for music producers. Mikey has worked alongside Nekuro Productions, experimenting in creative direction for film, which was then used for the Rebirth video to promote his debut sweatshirt.

Mikey’s portfolio also consists of his own personal art projects. The King and Empress this artwork featured male subjects. This was a departure from his usual drawing of women and adding to his versatility as an artist. He’s currently developing the style he used for those projects in his future artwork.

Feel free to contact Mikey Espinosa at michael_espinosa@hotmail.co.uk.

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