The release of my second Fairy Tale book is close by and I put together stain glass window, inspired images to tease the story. I used watercolour and ink. The new book will be called BREATHE LIGHT, the first story being called Breathe and the second Light. I wanted to write a story that would bring comfort to people and I look forward to sharing the stories I’ve written! You can still purchase my previous books and items at www.mikeyespinosa.bigcartel.commikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - mayari, tala, hanamikey espinosa - glass - breathe 3The main characters Hana, Tala and Mayari. The names were taken from goddesses in filipino culture.mikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - lightmikey espinosa - glass - lightLIGHT – A story of twin goddesses of the moon who rebel against their oppressive father, god of the sun.mikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - breathemikey espinosa - glass - breathe 2BREATHE – A story about a little boy who will either save or destroy humanity



This painting was created for a client who wanted to express her love and passion for someone. I started out with line work.Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love raw 02.feb.2017 1Then painted the body. Red was added to show how the touch was affecting the body and the senses.Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love raw 02.feb.2017 2Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love 02.feb.2017


I was given the duty to paint the beloved land for a lovely family who owns this farm land, you can see how much they love their Earth! The canvas is painted on a 24 x 36 inch canvas using acrylic paint.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6033The sky was the first section I painted and I was able to achieve a 3d like effect with the clouds because I painted a texture layer before the sky.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6913Different greens were used and yellows were added to ready made greens and blues to create a variation.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6916White and brown was used to highlight and add depth to the features. Below is the final piece.Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting


An acrylic painting of my friend Justin,  I was going through a period of not painting anything and I wanted to get back into painting faces, so I used my friends face to help me. Shout out to Justin Tang for letting me paint his amazing bone structure haha!JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9436JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9441JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9459Mikey Espinosa - Justin painting 1

Mikey Espinosa – Mermaids Lure

I recently watched a Polish movie called THE LURE. It is a musical/horror/darkthriller movie which I feel will be a cult classic in the future. After watching it, I was fascinated with the idea of seduction and how mermaids use their voices to hypnotise their listeners. IMG_3938IMG_3952IMG_3966IMG_4161IMG_4162IMG_4177I also wanted to tell a story of unrequited love. Do you see it?


I wanted to celebrate femininity, slightly inspired by the Moana film and Te Fiti, the goddess island. I painted the figures like they were in the form of an island with the hairs falling over their bodies as if it were a waterfall. The woman in the centre faces the air as if she is giving air and a breath of life to the island.Mikey Espinosa - Cracked 1.12.2017 rawIMG_8705Mikey Espinosa - Cracked 1.12.2017 rawIMG_8733Mikey Espinosa - Cracked 1.12.2017 rawIMG_8788Mikey Espinosa - Cracked 1.12.2017


Last year, I visited a place in Cornwall called Lizards Point, it was beautiful to see mountains, hills and a beautiful sea I would never have expected to see here in the UK. It was very reminiscent of the time I went to St Ives in 2009 to learn how to paint landscapes, so this painting feels like a love letter to that time. I painted using acrylic paints.Mikey Espinosa - Cornwall landscape inspired painting visit sept 2017


Mikey Espinosa - Filipino group redesign of traditional outfit

The first dress on the far left is the Singkil dress from the Maranao region. Popularly seen in a Singkil dance that involves bamboo.

The second dress is the Mestiza dress. It is the most modern traditional dress that has high shoulders and a neckline that reveals the colour bones. I decided to have the sleeves as part of an overcoat made of  banana fibres, similar to the material commonly used for a barong.

The middle dress is the Maria Clara dress and was popular during the Spanish period. The Maria Clara was named after a Spanish heroine.

The Kimona is a more relaxed formal item of clothing often worn in the Visayan area. The skirt is known as the patadyong.
Inspired by the Igorot, there were so many ways I could have designed this dress, but I decided to incorporate the patterns found in clothing and the tattoos that represent strength and nature, depending on the tribe.