Sailor Pluto, also known as Setsuna, the guardian of time and also Sailor Chibiusa. Being in a lonely place, I figured she would feel more confident being free hence why her clothing is limited and free flowing but she is still burdened by the weight she has which is the guardian of time. Arrows are a theme to show the power of time travelling and there are also clock themes in her design. Her tiara also shows a half moon and half sun to show that she is of both day and night because time is always constant.Mikey Espinosa - Sailor Moon art - 2017 - Sailor Pluto bnw sqMikey Espinosa - Sailor Moon art - 2017 - Sailor Pluto sq close upMikey Espinosa - Sailor Moon art - 2017 - Sailor Pluto sq



These are old pieces I did when I finally was confident enough to call myself an artist. This series I call the Emperor and King. These pieces celebrate the male body.Mikey Espinosa - His silent LullabyMikey Espinosa - Let me kiss youMikey Espinosa - SleepyheadMikey Espinosa - Time to sleep

Mikey Espinosa x Mel Grecia Quimpo fashion show 2017

Earlier this year, I collaborated with Mel Grecia Quimpo; a fashion designer from Aklan, Philippines.IMG_2734The theme was East asian beauty. What I loved about the catwalk is that there were a range of skin tones. I wanted to keep the designs simple and symbolic so I added flowers and animals.IMG_2771Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 20.37.52Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 20.48.19Here are images of the models wearing the dresses designed by Mel Grecia Quimpo and designs painted on by myself!IMG_3628IMG_3666IMG_3667This bomber jacket was worn by a male model.SKIRT Mikey Espinosa - Rommel painting (Feb 2017) 11

Mikey Espinosa – The sea and sky of Tangalan

I knew two people who were in love and who were separated by the sea, so they wanted to remember that feeling. As a gift I recreated the image I saw when I was with them on their last evening together. They watched over the sea on the Tangalan beach, Panay Island in the Philippines.Mikey Espinosa x Beryl and Ray sea 2017.01 raw 1I wanted to create a very romantic sky so I gave it a peach hue as if it was sunrise or sunset, showing that although this romance is a new beginning, it will soon end because they will soon have to part ways.Mikey Espinosa x Beryl and Ray sea 2017.01 raw 3Mikey Espinosa x Beryl and Ray sea 2017.01


Last year, I had gone to see Les Miserables in the theatre in Londons West End. Rachelle Ann Go had just finished her role as Gigi in Miss Saigon and with such a powerful and emotional voice I wanted to hear her sing “I dreamed a dream.” As usual, I was blown away and I just had to draw her as Fantine.

Mikey Espinosa - I dreamed a dream - Rachelle Aug2016 raw 1Mikey Espinosa - I dreamed a dream - Rachelle Aug2016 raw 2I wanted to show the two sides of Fantine,  before and after she was struck by hard times and her sacrifice. I did this by ripping pieces of paper and sticking it onto the base of her drawing to show how she became a victim of exploitation. Mikey Espinosa - I dreamed a dream - Rachelle Aug2016 raw 3She did an amazing job as Gigi and Fantine and I’m happy to hear that she is coming back to London to be in Hamilton!13781884_10154112619246998_4492931696892787224_n