This painting was created for a client who wanted to express her love and passion for someone. I started out with line work.Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love raw 02.feb.2017 1Then painted the body. Red was added to show how the touch was affecting the body and the senses.Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love raw 02.feb.2017 2Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love 02.feb.2017



An acrylic painting of my friend Justin,  I was going through a period of not painting anything and I wanted to get back into painting faces, so I used my friends face to help me. Shout out to Justin Tang for letting me paint his amazing bone structure haha!JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9436JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9441JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9459Mikey Espinosa - Justin painting 1

Mikey Espinosa – The sea and sky of Tangalan

I knew two people who were in love and who were separated by the sea, so they wanted to remember that feeling. As a gift I recreated the image I saw when I was with them on their last evening together. They watched over the sea on the Tangalan beach, Panay Island in the Philippines.Mikey Espinosa x Beryl and Ray sea 2017.01 raw 1I wanted to create a very romantic sky so I gave it a peach hue as if it was sunrise or sunset, showing that although this romance is a new beginning, it will soon end because they will soon have to part ways.Mikey Espinosa x Beryl and Ray sea 2017.01 raw 3Mikey Espinosa x Beryl and Ray sea 2017.01

Mikey Espinosa – Golden sunsets

I painted these three pieces for someone in Philippines who wanted to be reminded of the fields in the countryside of the UK. Yellow ochre was my main base to create this image.

The sky was first, I used white to help create a gradient for the sky and the extra white to add clouds .Mikey Espinosa - Sunset set Feb 2017 - Tita Carol raw 2Once the clouds and sky was finished, I added the flora using yellow paint so that the green would not look disconnected from the hues of the sky.

The finished pieces include a small house, a fence and tulips to add focal points.Mikey Espinosa - Sunset set Feb 2017 3Mikey Espinosa - Sunset set Feb 2017 2Mikey Espinosa - Sunset set Feb 2017 1


Painting my mothers ancestral home. The Grecia house, before it was knocked down in 2013, it was home to our family for just over 100 years. Belonging to Don Daniel Grecia and Señorita Socorro Grecia. I used Acrylic paints on canvas to capture this home of sweet memories.mikey-espinosa-ungka-old-house-painting-for-nanay2016-2mikey-espinosa-ungka-old-house-painting-for-nanay2016-3Windows were well ventilated in those days  with enough protection from the rain, most living spaces were on the top floor to make use of the cool breeze.mikey-espinosa-ungka-old-house-painting-for-nanay2016These houses are almost near extinction due to the fast developing pace of the modern world here in the Philippines and very few are being preserved. I feel privileged to have been able to be brought up in one and say bye to it.


During Halloween week, I was inspired by all the creative designs i’ve seen so I decided to design a few monsters for you!

The prom queen, worshipped and hated by her classmates for her beauty and arrogance. It all happened on prom night, she was expecting to be crowned and when it happened, she saw her prom king lunge at her taking a bite at her lip. In a fit of insecurity, hoping her face wasn’t damaged she ran to her bag for her mirror. She gazed at her face as she walked into a prom hall filled with chaos, the attention wasn’t on her … so she clutched onto the heads of her peers until all eyes were on her.
Mikey Espinosa - Halloween 2015 - Art redesign - Beauty queen coloured SQ close upI wanted to show how a zombie infliction could drastically change someones appearance. The stereotypical, beauty of a prom queen being ravaged by a virus that eats away at your flesh and sanity would perfectly show the drastic changes. I included a mirror as her main weapon.Mikey Espinosa - Halloween 2015 - Art redesign - Beauty zombie queen

Mikey Espinosa – X-Men redesign – Mystique PART 1

Mystique also known as Raven Darkholme, is an assassin whose mutant ability is the power to shape shift. Mystique is usually affiliated with Magnetos Brotherhood of mutants. I wanted her design to be slick and modestly sexy. I modernised her traditional white outfit and skull head piece and gave her a slicked back ponytail. The clothing is simple to show that she’s physically a blank canvas. I kept her reptilian skin texture similar to that of the movie to add character to a simplistic design.Mystique - Marvel inked fan art - Mikey Espinosa sq cuIMG_9910
Mystique - Marvel inked fan art - Mikey Espinosa