The release of my second Fairy Tale book is close by and I put together stain glass window, inspired images to tease the story. I used watercolour and ink. The new book will be called BREATHE LIGHT, the first story being called Breathe and the second Light. I wanted to write a story that would bring comfort to people and I look forward to sharing the stories I’ve written! You can still purchase my previous books and items at www.mikeyespinosa.bigcartel.commikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - mayari, tala, hanamikey espinosa - glass - breathe 3The main characters Hana, Tala and Mayari. The names were taken from goddesses in filipino culture.mikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - lightmikey espinosa - glass - lightLIGHT – A story of twin goddesses of the moon who rebel against their oppressive father, god of the sun.mikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - breathemikey espinosa - glass - breathe 2BREATHE – A story about a little boy who will either save or destroy humanity



This painting was created for a client who wanted to express her love and passion for someone. I started out with line work.Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love raw 02.feb.2017 1Then painted the body. Red was added to show how the touch was affecting the body and the senses.Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love raw 02.feb.2017 2Mikey Espinosa - 2 People in love 02.feb.2017


I was given the duty to paint the beloved land for a lovely family who owns this farm land, you can see how much they love their Earth! The canvas is painted on a 24 x 36 inch canvas using acrylic paint.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6033The sky was the first section I painted and I was able to achieve a 3d like effect with the clouds because I painted a texture layer before the sky.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6913Different greens were used and yellows were added to ready made greens and blues to create a variation.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6916White and brown was used to highlight and add depth to the features. Below is the final piece.Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting


An acrylic painting of my friend Justin,  I was going through a period of not painting anything and I wanted to get back into painting faces, so I used my friends face to help me. Shout out to Justin Tang for letting me paint his amazing bone structure haha!JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9436JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9441JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9459Mikey Espinosa - Justin painting 1


I wanted to celebrate femininity, slightly inspired by the Moana film and Te Fiti, the goddess island. I painted the figures like they were in the form of an island with the hairs falling over their bodies as if it were a waterfall. The woman in the centre faces the air as if she is giving air and a breath of life to the island.Mikey Espinosa - Cracked 1.12.2017 rawIMG_8705Mikey Espinosa - Cracked 1.12.2017 rawIMG_8733Mikey Espinosa - Cracked 1.12.2017 rawIMG_8788Mikey Espinosa - Cracked 1.12.2017


I worked on this painting for a lady who once worked in Washington as a nurse and was taken back by the cherry blossoms that were there. For once she took the time to stand back and pause to appreciate something and she wanted that to be recreated in a painting.

I imagined her looking up and noticing the blue skies and how it compliments the cherry blossoms to create light hues reaching towards the sky. I wanted to create awe and grandeur to the viewer as the branches spread across the sky.

Mikey Espinosa - Cherry Blossom 18.10.2016 raw 5

Mikey Espinosa – My Little Pony – Pinkie Pie painting

I have a little friend that loves My Little Pony, I would call myself a fan of MLP so I had such fun painting this piece for my friend!

Painting her body first, and the sky around her. I did this because Pinkie Pie is famed for her curly locks and I wanted to have the freedom of painting her curls wherever I wanted to.

Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie (Feb 2017)Of course Pinkie Pie is known for her energetic behaviour and love for foods and parties and I wanted to include this  feeling in the painting with sparkles, cookies and a picnic mat! Wouldn’t you want to eat with her!


Xishi – Said to be so beautiful, fish would forget to swim and sink as she passes by (7th century BC).
Celebrated for her natural beauty, she was selected by King of Yue Gou Jian (who was vanquished by the state of Wu) and was trained in royal court etiquette. Gou Jian sent his minister Fan Li to take Xishi as a tribute gift from Yue to the Prince of Wu. Xishi and Fan Li fell in love and secretly confessed their love for each other. The Prince of Wu welcomed Xishi and was enamoured by her appearance, so distracted he forgot his duties. Xishi continued to distract him eventually bringing political chaos allowing Gou Jian to take back his honour. Xishi was said to have disappeared with Fan Li after the death of the Prince of Wu never to be seen again.

Mikey Espinosa - Beauties of China repaint 2016 - XhiShiMikey Espinosa - Beauties of China repaint 2016 - XiShi progressMikey Espinosa - Beauties of China repaint 2016 - group