MIKEY ESPINOSA – O T-shirts and ENDURE sweaters

The weather is getting colder again and my Endure sweaters are back! My model Junoh is 6ft 4 and wears an XL sweater. Available at www.mikeyespinosa.bigcartel.com ! Mikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_0925The T-shirt is associated with my latest Fairy Tale book “O&LoveMikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_0004Mikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_0015Mikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_0997Mikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_1012


Mikey Espinosa – Rebirth sweatshirt

Make your purchase now! £35.00 just click here > MikeyEspinosa <

I turned 21 and this is a gift from me to you. I’ll go into detail about the concept and meaning of the promotional video and the design of the sweatshirt very soon! Hope you like it! Designs by Mikey Espinosa

Photography by Susannah Alltimes (Check out her blog)

Model – Axsle Neil