The release of my second Fairy Tale book is close by and I put together stain glass window, inspired images to tease the story. I used watercolour and ink. The new book will be called BREATHE LIGHT, the first story being called Breathe and the second Light. I wanted to write a story that would bring comfort to people and I look forward to sharing the stories I’ve written! You can still purchase my previous books and items at www.mikeyespinosa.bigcartel.commikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - mayari, tala, hanamikey espinosa - glass - breathe 3The main characters Hana, Tala and Mayari. The names were taken from goddesses in filipino culture.mikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - lightmikey espinosa - glass - lightLIGHT – A story of twin goddesses of the moon who rebel against their oppressive father, god of the sun.mikey espinosa - fairy tale book 2 - glass window - breathemikey espinosa - glass - breathe 2BREATHE – A story about a little boy who will either save or destroy humanity


Mikey Espinosa redesigns Disneys, Snow White

My redesign of Disneys Snow White.Mikey Espinosa - Disney redesign sq - Snow White close upI wanted to use references from clothing during her time and also slightly modernise it. Using lace, layers and drapery. Snow White - Mikey Espinosa - Disney Princess fan art 2016 bwI wanted to use colours that were featured in the original design.Snow White - Mikey Espinosa - Disney Princess fan art 2016

Glory of Dessa – Book one AVAILABLE NOW

mikey espinosa - glory of dessa book one

I’m proud to announce that Glory of Dessa – Book One has been printed! Glory of Dessa is set in a world known as Cian, ruled over by twin goddesses known as the Dessa. When one becomes thirsty for power, she creates an army of women, living weapons known as The Scythe to weaken the nation but one Scythe questions her own existence. 130 pages, coloured, inked and written by yours truly and available to purchase at WWW.GLORYOFDESSA.COM or at Orbital Comics near Leicester Square for £15.00!

Glory of Dessa - Goddesses postcard with words


Glory of Dessa – The Scythe, created by the Dessa Laufeia to take over Cian, for more information and to read my free webcomic visit WWW.GLORYOFDESSA.COM
(All character designed are owned by Mikey Espinosa and cannot be used without permission from the creator.)

Mikey Espinosa - Glory of Dessa - Maeve ink 1 (colour edit)The vain Maeve who has an appetite for riches, who has the ability to release phantoms from her body, Chapter one is out now click HERE and you will be introduced to The Scythe. Mikey Espinosa - Maeve the seduction beauty a3Mikey Espinosa - Glory of Dessa Square Maeve

Ella December – Dirty Diamonds – Volume 1 (art by Mikey Espinosa)

Ella December x Mikey Espinosa - Dirty Diamonds cover 1Ella December makes her comeback with her new series Dirty Diamonds and yesterday released Dirty Diamonds – Volume 1 : Lone Wolfe < click to read!

“The first installment of the Dirty Diamonds series.
Harley Jade Diamond is a struggling writer living in London, whilst all her friends are making progress.
Harley finds herself in a risky relationship that she can’t get enough of with dangerous consequences for everyone involved.” – Ella December

The theme of the art is sexy, mysterious and sassy and so I decided that the concept for the art of the Dirty Diamond series would be “Bigger strokes.”

It’s always fun to work with Ella December, without the help of her story telling I wouldn’t be able to come up with the art for her work! Below is the art cover during it’s progress, I was getting a feel of her pose and the lighting. The following image is the entire painting.

The Dirty Diamonds logo shows two capital diamond D’s the second towering over the other. The logo shimmers and if you look closely, the diamonds are flawed.

Mikey Espinosa - Dirty Diamonds progressMikey Espinosa - Dirty DiamondsMikey Espinosa for Ella December – Dirty Diamonds – Lone Wolfe

Acrylic paint on A3 paper (22.09.2014)