An acrylic painting of my friend Justin,  I was going through a period of not painting anything and I wanted to get back into painting faces, so I used my friends face to help me. Shout out to Justin Tang for letting me paint his amazing bone structure haha!JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9436JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9441JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9459Mikey Espinosa - Justin painting 1


Mikey Espinosa – X-Men redesign – Mystique PART 1

Mystique also known as Raven Darkholme, is an assassin whose mutant ability is the power to shape shift. Mystique is usually affiliated with Magnetos Brotherhood of mutants. I wanted her design to be slick and modestly sexy. I modernised her traditional white outfit and skull head piece and gave her a slicked back ponytail. The clothing is simple to show that she’s physically a blank canvas. I kept her reptilian skin texture similar to that of the movie to add character to a simplistic design.Mystique - Marvel inked fan art - Mikey Espinosa sq cuIMG_9910
Mystique - Marvel inked fan art - Mikey Espinosa

Mikey Espinosa – Willy Cartier

Mikey Espinosa - Willy CartierIt’s been a few months since I’ve done a painting, so I decided to warm up to the paints again and I did a painting of French model Willy Cartier, who is well known for his long hair! He’s an amazing model and beautiful bone structure and we both have long hair *swishes hair* haha. So here’s my painting!

I’m currently working on a painting for a talented music duo called SAZ! Stay tuned! I’ll be releasing it with a painting video 🙂

Winter Ringtones and Wrapping up warm!

It is getting colder and colder, personally I love the cold, I sleep better in the cold, its cosey and of course its self cuddling season or for some of you lucky people “cuddle eachother warm” people! Anyway jackets will keep you warm but your accessories such as scarfs, hats and gloves! I’ve always had the same stuff but since its my first winter on this blog, I’ll show you what I have.

This is my first scarf playing around with different ways of wearing them. Pretty basic. I wouldn’t do the middle one though, I was just being silly with the whole head scarf idea, I would rather have my neck warm!

I bought this hood/scarf from the American apparel sale, it’s not that warm so I would probably wear it if I was wearing more layers. These are my favourite gloves that I got as a birthday gift last year from Topman!

But my favourite scarf is from my trip in Manchester, this scarf was handmade from cleaned, unprocessed sheeps wool. Unprocessed sheep wool still maintains natural oils which when processed is used for hand lotions and creams. I am not lying when I say my skin feel slightly softer. There are also holes made within the scarf  and this actually insulates! It is also extremely long which I love, I feel like I’m a cool RPG character on a mission! To get myself into a jolly mood for Christmas and I wanted to look for a new ringtone for my phone! So whilst on youtube I was listening to OF COURSE Sistar – ma boy to start my day, I then noticed a youtube user named musicboxmcat and this user turns kpop or jpop songs into cheesy, twinkle eye’d music box music! I have ma boy as my new Winter Ringtone. Here’s 2NE1’s song Lonely (a favourite song of mine) as it would sound as a music box song!

P.S Don’t forget your CARMEX , VASELINE or MOTHERPUCKERS! 🙂 keep them lips moisturised ;)!

Wonder Girls and addiction to Ma boy

Kpop. Kpop for those of you that don’t know is short for Korean pop music. I have always been a fan of this genre ever since the Wonder girls formed in 2007 so I will always have a soft spot for the Wonder girls.

In my opinion they triggered the korean music wave with their addictive dance song tell me and so hot and YES I did learn their dances! They also had addictive ballads such as “This Time.” When they first started there was a young lady named Hyun ah and she left and went on to join the band 4minute. She was replaced by rapper Yubin who became my favourite. I was excited when they decided to take their music to the states with their track Nobody but I personally felt it wasn’t good enough, their concept was not “The Wonder Girls” I saw it as “The Dream Girls.” But I had faith in them, Sun mi left and my faith in them began to die. New bands such as 2NE1 and Sistar fueled my Kpop addiction and Wonder girls slowly disappeared into the background, even with their comeback “2 different tears.”

2011 November… THEY HAVE COMEBACK.

Yubin, Sohi, Sun Ye, newest member Hyelim and Ye eun

Their new album Wonder World shows they have matured and their tracks have more of a commercial sound to it with that cheesy quality they started off with WHICH I LOVE, they also have those dim light session soulful songs and Hyelim proves she isn’t just Sun mi’s filler with her rapping on track 10! They have twelve tracks and their first release was Be my baby and they even have a catchy dance video, its a bit single ladies by Beyonce but as usual, they take it and make it their own. Wonder Girls well done! I’ve been listening to them since the beginning, they always have moments where I slowly lose interest but they always slap me and wake me up to remind me how much I adore them!

ALSO, I AM STILL ADDICTED TO THAT BODY WAVING SONG MA BOY BY SISTAR! The song and dance is just so catchy, the meaning of the song is pretty sad and relatable to anyone whose feeling broken hearted BUT ITS WIERD how they make it sound so fun and hopeful haha. I got this video off youtube and its of all of Sistar performing Ma boy! (source: youtube user – sistardang)

American Apparel Rummage Sale, Real Steel, Johnny cupcake, Jhene Aiko!

Jhene Aiko – My mine

The American apparel rummage sale was …GOOD. I spent £49.00 on three short shorts, a mesh baby blue t-shirt, navy blue mesh harem pants, a white back laced, off the shoulder top and a scarf hood roundup. A friend of a friend bought over £90 worth of stuff, and she only paid £39. The rummage sale ends tomorrow but I recommend people to go next time! It was held in Brick Lane and the queue was not long at all, we were queuing for under half an hour but bare in mind this was on the second day. The warehouse was huge and staff were still topping up on items. So for those of you who survived and got what you wanted well done! For those of you who didn’t make it, maybe next time :).


After a good morning of bargain hunting. I went to see Real Steel. Real Steel featuring Mr Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo. I did enjoy this film however there were a few points in the film when you would think “Really?” THIS IS BECAUSE it is father and son looking into eachothers eyes cheesy, I do love cheesiness but they came up so unexpectedly especially because you imagine it to be more of an action film with fighting robots. But overall it was a decent film!

Noisy Boy ❤

Ended the day visiting Johnny Cupcake in Carnaby street because they were revealing their Halloween designs, the staff were dressed as zombies, skeletons and vampires and whats Johnny Cupcake without cupcakes. Heres a cupcake I was given with a ghost!  With the change in weather, everybody is becoming ill, like me…T_T so TAKE CARE EVERYONE! wrap up warm :)..

Boy in Detention … Oh my Mr Brown!

I’ve always liked Chris Browns music, I’ve never been disappointed with any of his albums, there’s always a couple of songs that I liked from each album and mixtape. So when I downloaded his mixtape Boy in Detention I had high expectations and I was happy with it, some good beats and collaborations with artists that go well with Chris Browns style of music like Tyga (I enjoyed their mixtape Fan of a Fan), Kevin McCall and Justin Bieber. There is one artist I’m seeing called Se7en and I THINK it’s the korean singer but I’m not too sure, I tried to pin point his voice while those tracks were playing because he is featured in four of his songs but I don’t know if it IS him. Here’s a picture of Se7en.I did enjoy the mixtape but sometimes I lose interest because all he talks about is pride and sex so I have to be in the mood for it. He does rap a lot and there are times when I wait for him to sing a little note so if your expecting a sweet boy album this isn’t the one, but if your in the mood to strut while walking or something to bop your head to this is for you!

SO STRUT LIKE A VICTORIA SECRET MODEL 😉 (youtube video by richieboyland2) 

P.S Ya don’t need to be thin like these models to strut, You just need the attitude, even if your in a wheelchair and you have the right attitude damn you be mighty fine ;D


I bought this jumper a while back from Urban outfitters. When I saw the “BOY” logo I was thinking “HECK YEAH.” I’m so used to people becoming confused with my gender (or just taking the piss) my jumper saying BOY will answer it for them.. lool.

I also like the ribcage detail on the back. No matter how much I love this top, I get confused as to what season I should wear it haha, the material is quite thick but my back can still freeze! Suggestions anybody?