Mikey Espinosa – Mermaids Lure

I recently watched a Polish movie called THE LURE. It is a musical/horror/darkthriller movie which I feel will be a cult classic in the future. After watching it, I was fascinated with the idea of seduction and how mermaids use their voices to hypnotise their listeners. IMG_3938IMG_3952IMG_3966IMG_4161IMG_4162IMG_4177I also wanted to tell a story of unrequited love. Do you see it?


My redesign of Disneys Cinderella.

My redesign of Cinderella. Mikey Espinosa - Disney redesign sq - Cinderella close upThis redesign has a lot of texture, the idea of the design focuses on “time”and the hard diamond in the centre represents the moment that was most precious to Cinderella during the time she wore this dress whereas the texture shows the hectic.   Cinderella - Mikey Espinosa - Disney Princess fan art 2016 bnwCinderella - Mikey Espinosa - Disney Princess fan art 2016