Mikey Espinosa - Filipino group redesign of traditional outfit

The first dress on the far left is the Singkil dress from the Maranao region. Popularly seen in a Singkil dance that involves bamboo.

The second dress is the Mestiza dress. It is the most modern traditional dress that has high shoulders and a neckline that reveals the colour bones. I decided to have the sleeves as part of an overcoat made of  banana fibres, similar to the material commonly used for a barong.

The middle dress is the Maria Clara dress and was popular during the Spanish period. The Maria Clara was named after a Spanish heroine.

The Kimona is a more relaxed formal item of clothing often worn in the Visayan area. The skirt is known as the patadyong.
Inspired by the Igorot, there were so many ways I could have designed this dress, but I decided to incorporate the patterns found in clothing and the tattoos that represent strength and nature, depending on the tribe.


Mikey Espinosa - Hungry Mestiza 15.09.2016 4A painting I did inspired by my time in Philippines during August. I painted her in a traditional Maria Clara dress eating traditional Filipino fruits like Rambutan, Papaya and Lanzones.Mikey Espinosa - Hungry Mestiza 15.09.2016 5Mikey Espinosa - Hungry Mestiza 15.09.2016I wanted to paint a sunset because being raised in a city with tall buildings you rarely see the horizon so sunsets really emphasised the horizon to me and how vast land can be.


Because of my visit to the Philippines, I’ve had the opportunity to take in as much of the culture as I can and discovered that because of the Philippines being a melting pot of different cultures from Asia and the west, there have been many influences and changes to various traditional Filipina costumes.

The Maria Clara is probably one of the most recognisable of the Filipina traditional dresses, with the Mestiza being the other. The clothing is composed of four pieces, the camisa (the top) the panuelo (the scarf) the tapis and the saya. My interpretation of the dress is a little more revealing compared to the original which looks layered and almost gown like.maria-clara-mikey-espinosa-x-filipino-women-3-may-2016-completedmaria-clara-filipino-teaser-fashion