I was given the duty to paint the beloved land for a lovely family who owns this farm land, you can see how much they love their Earth! The canvas is painted on a 24 x 36 inch canvas using acrylic paint.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6033The sky was the first section I painted and I was able to achieve a 3d like effect with the clouds because I painted a texture layer before the sky.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6913Different greens were used and yellows were added to ready made greens and blues to create a variation.RAW Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting IMG_6916White and brown was used to highlight and add depth to the features. Below is the final piece.Mikey Espinosa October 2018 - Tita Mirabelle and Tito Jacks farm painting



I was looking after some kids and they called me Elfie, because of my long hair and they started talking about magical beings and heroes so I designed us as heroes.Mikey Espinosa - Superhero Mikey, Pio, Kiko brothers background SQMikey espinosa - Superhero bnwMikey Espinosa - Manong elfie and friends - The strengthMikey Espinosa - Manong elfie and friends - the magicianMikey Espinosa - Manong elfie and friends - The archerMikey Espinosa - Manong elfie and friends - Pio the swift

Mikey Espinosa – Golden sunsets

I painted these three pieces for someone in Philippines who wanted to be reminded of the fields in the countryside of the UK. Yellow ochre was my main base to create this image.

The sky was first, I used white to help create a gradient for the sky and the extra white to add clouds .Mikey Espinosa - Sunset set Feb 2017 - Tita Carol raw 2Once the clouds and sky was finished, I added the flora using yellow paint so that the green would not look disconnected from the hues of the sky.

The finished pieces include a small house, a fence and tulips to add focal points.Mikey Espinosa - Sunset set Feb 2017 3Mikey Espinosa - Sunset set Feb 2017 2Mikey Espinosa - Sunset set Feb 2017 1


Mikey Espinosa - Huevember 2016 collageDuring November 2016, there was an instagram hashtag that I decided join called Huevember where each day you follow a colour wheel and create an art piece for that day. Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish it because  I was occupied with other pieces of art work that needed to be finished, BUT I would still like to share the pieces I was able to do! 🙂 If you have the chance, you should do it, it really keeps you on your toes and your creativity on a roll.


My latest redesigns will be of the DC heroines and villain, particularly the Gotham Sirens.

This post features the lovely Poison Ivy.
DC fan art - Mikey Espinosa - Poison Ivy raw

Her ability to control nature and her obsession with it was something I wanted to show in her redesign. She see’s nature as the true owners and rulers of Earth and  I wanted to show how manmade fabric is being held up by the plants, showing the strength of flora over man. Of course I wanted to stick true to her original design, giving her orange/red hair and slightly tinted green skin, I didn’t want her to have physical, plant like features.
DC fan art - Mikey Espinosa - Poison Ivy

Stay tuned to see the other Gotham sirens! In the mean time check out my comic GLORY OF DESSA !

Mikey Espinosa – Harmony

I started with doodling a couple, two contrasting beings in an embrace.

Mikey Espinosa - Harmony before 1 Mikey Espinosa - Harmony before 2    

After applying watercolour to express mood and tone , I decided to add detail to the bodies. The colder colours have a softer detail focusing on leaves, vines, flowers and soft lines whereas the warmer colours use wooden patterns using sharper lines to harden the image as a whole.

Mikey Espinosa - Harmony 1Mikey Espinosa - Harmony 2

  • Mikey Espinosa – Harmony 1 & 2
    (05.MARCH.2015, watercolour and pen)

Mikey Espinosa - Harmony before 1 close up

Frank Ocean – Forever (part 4)

This is the final piece of the Frank Ocean inspired ‘Forever’ piece which also features one of my paintings of a warm and peaceful sky.Mikey Espinosa - Frank ocean project skull EDIT Mikey Espinosa - Frank ocean project skull plainThe first drawing of the Forever series which has been covered up with layers of water colour, ink and acrylic paint to produce the first image from this series!


Frank Ocean – Forever (part 3)

Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean second phase, cat gateThe third part to ‘Forever.’ The image behind the face is of my garden (before I trimmed it hehe) and it shows two neighborhood cats relaxing. Cats to me are mystical creatures, they have always been linked to superstition, folklore/mythology. They are known to be majestic and loyal guardians and I wanted to add this mysticism to this image because I feel like this image represents limbo. It’s the middle process representing solitude and silence before the entity progresses to the next stage and the image compliments this. I continued the pixelated affect because those emotions and feelings from the second stage still exists.          Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean second phase plainThe skull image above is the art piece alone without the picture or pixelated touch.