For my nieces birthday, I wanted to paint something she loved, we had our favourite cartoons as a theme for our party. I had Sailor Moon and she had My Little Pony. My nieces favourite characters are Princess Celestia and Princess Luna who are both associated with the sun and moon. The Sailor Scouts are also protectors of the galaxy so I wanted space and the stars to be a common theme. Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 OctoberI had the two Princesses attached to string to give the impression that they are floating or hovering around the moon. I also wanted to give the impression that Princess Celestia was making way for Princess Luna to take over the night with the moon.Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October raw moonFirstly I had to paint the moon and the sky and later I then added the stars.Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October - Princess LunaPrincess Luna without the background.Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October raw 2Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October - Princess CelestiaPrincess Celestia without the background.Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October raw 3Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October raw 1



I LOVE My Little Pony and so does my niece! It was our joint birthday recently and we decided to put our interests together to create a Sailor Moon and Pony themed party. Princess Luna and Princess Celestia are her favourite characters so it definitely helps add to the whole galaxy and space theme. I decided to create a magical painting with the two princess floating .Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 OctoberFirstly I painted the background board which was in a frame. I painted the dark galaxy and the moon. I wanted the feel to be mysterious and I think the stars and moon add that mysticism to it.Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October raw 3I used water colour and ink for the two princesses. Celestia descends as she allows her sister to take over the evening.Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October raw 2and Princess Luna rises as she bids farewell to her sister to guide evry’pony during their sleepMikey Espinosa - My Little Pony framed art 2017 October raw 1

Mikey Espinosa – My Little Pony – Pinkie Pie painting

I have a little friend that loves My Little Pony, I would call myself a fan of MLP so I had such fun painting this piece for my friend!

Painting her body first, and the sky around her. I did this because Pinkie Pie is famed for her curly locks and I wanted to have the freedom of painting her curls wherever I wanted to.

Mikey Espinosa - My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie (Feb 2017)Of course Pinkie Pie is known for her energetic behaviour and love for foods and parties and I wanted to include this  feeling in the painting with sparkles, cookies and a picnic mat! Wouldn’t you want to eat with her!

Silly Sunday!

Spent the afternoon with the lovely Prada Monster in Brick Lane, just taking in the atmosphere and whilst in Brick lane why not take a picture :D! I bought this Parka ish jacket from Topman a couple of days ago. It has a warm lining that can be removed, I purchased it at £81 with student discount and it was money well spent. A lot of jackets in this style were more than £100 so I felt quite lucky, especially because this was the last size in medium. You could probably still purchase it online. I also threw on Prada monster’s awesome sunnies even though its getting colder and darker! This is the jacket all closed up… I was too comfortable xD On Twitter, I was a little starstruck when dancer Pony Zion replied to a tweet. For those of you that don’t know who he is, he specialises in a dance known as Vogueing, he was part of Americas next best dance crew in a group known as Vogue Evolution. I was inspired by their group, they had atittude, they gave off a sense of empowerment and pride which I really felt. I have no knowledge of dance but I really felt their presence. Here’s proof of my dose of happiness.

I was also embarassed because whilst in Brick Lane, you do notice attractive people so I decided to tweet about a minor incident that happened… It was then retweeted by two Location bots that are followed by 3,000 something people altogether. Soo yeahh, thanks! Other than that, it has been a pleasant yet tiring week, everything is going somewhere .. just taking little baby steps :).

No harm in having a bit of fun every now and then!


A quick update!

So currently while trying to launch my work to the world I am currently involved in two projects. My first project is with Mr Blair Lyons and it will be a collaboration. Release dates are tbc. I am also working with budding entrepreneurs Miss Chloe Fernandes and Miss Roselyn Xavier. Hope you will like the work that will be produced!

Beyonce’s music video Countdown is great! I love the contemporary feel to it, when I look at the music video, it just says american apparel to me (for those of you that don’t know, a.a is one of my favourite clothing stores.) The Rosas Danst Rosas contemporary dance  routine was given justice with her interpretation so kudos to you Bey! To be honest I knew of the dance and I was always looking for it on youtube but I just never knew the name. There’s a british parody of this dance by “Smack the pony” which I found hilarious (*siggh british humour) ! Here are the videos! ENJOY

There are many variations of this dance, just youtube Rosas Danst Rosas. The energy I interpret is suppressed sexuality and the movements and heavy breathing I FEEL expresses this frustration and exploration.

P.S I love the “OFF THE SHOULDER” theme. I’ve been rocking it so much this year, it just feels so chilled and free! So yeahh Off the shoulder ftw !