An acrylic painting of my friend Justin,  I was going through a period of not painting anything and I wanted to get back into painting faces, so I used my friends face to help me. Shout out to Justin Tang for letting me paint his amazing bone structure haha!JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9436JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9441JUSTIN PAINTINGS MAY 2018IMG_9459Mikey Espinosa - Justin painting 1


Frank Ocean – Forever (art part 1)

Frank Oceans music still gets to me and his story telling through it is beautiful. I decided to tell my own story through his creative work. It was a little difficult at first to decide how I would tell these stories, should I go through specific songs or a collective of songs. I wasn’t so sure until I listened to Nostalgia Ultra and Channel Orange again. The feelings that comes through the music correlate with each other . There is an emotional process you go through when you listen to the music and bringing the feelings and thoughts through the whole collection and bringing it to one song made sense and I wanted to start with ‘Thinking bout you.’ That was the song that brought the masses his music and although I consider his work masterpieces collectively, ‘Thinking bout you’ is easily the song that stays embedded in peoples minds.

This one starts with reincarnation and old souls.

My temple and I

Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean (main art 1) Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean opening (1 art)

Mikey Espinosa – Jhene Aiko peace

I’ve always liked Jhene Aiko, she emits a chilled, mind tingling and sultry vibe through her music with her soft controlled voice, runs, riffs and freestyles! Recently she released a song called “Bed Peace” which features the oh so cool Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover. I personally loved the song and the simple and cute music video and got overdosed on her music! I decided to do a quick study of her and here it is! Mikey Espinosa - Jhene Aiko (Rough)

Mikey Espinosa – Willy Cartier

Mikey Espinosa - Willy CartierIt’s been a few months since I’ve done a painting, so I decided to warm up to the paints again and I did a painting of French model Willy Cartier, who is well known for his long hair! He’s an amazing model and beautiful bone structure and we both have long hair *swishes hair* haha. So here’s my painting!

I’m currently working on a painting for a talented music duo called SAZ! Stay tuned! I’ll be releasing it with a painting video 🙂

Mikey Espinosa – Soul Rainbow

Mikey Espinosa – Soul Rainbow (24″x30″)

Another piece I just did just to let out something out, I was a little inspired by a status update someone I know wrote, it said “What colour is your soul.” How I interpreted it was, what colours and moods do you feel when you think about yourself as a person or even, what colours best express a mood you’re feeling. I did something similar back in 2010 known as the selfish truth. I think I might have to give these self portraits of me a name because I feel like its an alter ego. When painting this, I literally came out of the shower, threw on headphones and listened to the late Nujabes music, particularly music from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack, unlike the selfish truth, I continued to paint this image whilst calming down. It felt great to let it all out, I feel lucky that I have a creative outlet and actually feel satisfied afterwards.

Painting Tran

Tran – Mikey Espinosa (27.02.2012) Acrylic on Canvas 50cmx50cm

Do you remember my friend Tran? She took my Yo Sushi virginity! Whilst painting her, I struggled a little because I haven’t studied from her face before. Whilst painting her, I made a few mistakes such as the height of her eyebrows and the bite of her mouth but edited it using the camera on my phone. When painting, the image in front of you will look different compared to seeing it as an image on your phone, this is because you’re seeing it as a whole and seeing it as a whole allows you to pin point which areas need work. In the video, I quickly study the features which are important to me then I paint her! Enjoy the video and subscribe to my youtube account and rate! 🙂