MIKEY ESPINOSA – O T-shirts and ENDURE sweaters

The weather is getting colder again and my Endure sweaters are back! My model Junoh is 6ft 4 and wears an XL sweater. Available at www.mikeyespinosa.bigcartel.com ! Mikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_0925The T-shirt is associated with my latest Fairy Tale book “O&LoveMikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_0004Mikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_0015Mikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_0997Mikey Espinosa x Junho October 2018DSC_1012


CIAN a world by Mikey Espinosa

A fantasy story of Twin Goddesses Laufeia and Perpetua and how the paths they have chosen will affect the people of CIAN!

If you like story telling, fantasy, art or comics. Please have a read and let me know what you think!

A direct link to my comic ‘CIAN a world by Mikey Espinosa – The Prologue’   https://mikeyespinosa.com/cian-the-prologue-comic-book/

Cian a world by Mikey Espinosa - crowned goddess promo a3 Mikey Espinosa - Launch day art Prologue

Mikey Espinosa – Soul Mirror (custom)

Second of three customised pieces.

When drawing the design for this T-shirt, I was heavily inspired by mirrors and frames from the 1800s Art Nouveau era. Exaggerated swirls, grand, fantasy and hellenistic sculpture were in my thoughts when it came to collecting ideas for the content of the drawing.
Mikey Espinosa - Mirror front customWhen customising, I wanted to bring the eye to the fine details such as the jewels and the women which probably didn’t stand out as much in the original black and white design. DSC_0262 I did accentuated the drawing by using golds, yellow ochre and white paint to create depth on the details. Mikey Espinosa - bead close up top Beading was also used to bring out the jewels and the frames. I used gold and transparent beads for the outline.Mikey Espinosa - Mirror close up beadingWhen painting onto fabric, it requires a lot of patience because there are so many fibres you need to paint and dabbing the clothing with a fine paintbrush allows you to reach those white empty spots. It is best to pin the clothing down so that the garment doesn’t move along with the pressure of the brush.
Mikey Espinosa - Mirror CustomThis is the final outcome. I remember when I was in Philippines Boracay, there were people painting onto fabric and this brought on the idea of doing so. The only problem is that the paint slightly stiffens the painted areas but the colour is vibrant compared to using clothing dye which would be best for a softer look.


Mikey Espinosa – Endure sweater (custom)

One of three customised pieces.

I gave the black sweater a dark and sexy illustration (which also reveals characters from my comic :)) and so I wanted to soften it by doing some beadwork. I chose icy colours like violet blue and clear faceted beads that have a silvery effect.

Mikey Espinosa - Endure front customFrom the front, not much difference can be seen other than the beading of the cuffs of the sweater.Mikey Espinosa - Endure custom sleeves

I had in mind several things when beading the cuffs such as The Milky Way and the Aurora Borealis. When stitching this, you may want to plan out the path of the beads by stitching a few of them on whilst keeping the beads close to each other so that the thread behind the fabric won’t get caught on fingers or jewellery as your hands brush against the cuffs. You then start to build around the path of the beads to thicken it and stitch the occasional bead off the path so that you can have that scattered effect.

Mikey Espinosa - Endure custom (back)

Behind the sweater I cut out the fabric to create fringes and whilst trying it on, I liked the swaying movement and thought it would be nice to accentuate the movement by adding beads to dangle alongside the fringes. The movement of the fabric would play with the light that hits the beads allowing it to sparkle.Mikey Espinosa - Endure custom close up backThe beads are threaded and held into place by fastening the thread on the last bead I wanted to space before the next. I kept in mind the look of rain or a water fall and so, to create a dripping effect I usually kept to this pattern

1 clear (space) 1 clear, 2 blue (space) 1 blue (space)  2 blue , 1 clear (space) 2 clear etc.

The blue beads are used to add a weighted look to the droplets. You can use that pattern as a basic layout but don’t be afraid to play around with the numbers you use. Towards the end of each thread I reduced the spaces between the beads to add weight to the thread and this helps add movement and reduce tangling.

Hope this all made sense! If you want to try this and need any help don’t be afraid to comment or message me for advice!

Happy customising!



Native Filipino jewellery

Recently, I came back from my trip from Philippines and I’ve been immersing myself with the culture and one thing that I was really fascinated with were the native accessories. They were difficult to find and you don’t usually find them in shopping malls, you need to dig deeper and you can find them being sold on street corners or stalls dedicated to everything Native!


During my trip to Boracay, I spent one of my days just looking around for native accessories. I spent most of my time at the beach front where there were little stalls selling woven bracelets, necklaces and feet adornments which carried shells, beads, stones and bones. As I was purchasing foot candy, I saw this man run to the lady selling from the stall. I was amazed at  everything he was wearing and couldn’t stop looking at the bone that bounced off his chest! I asked where he got it from and he directed me to a store which felt like a treasure chest! (The image above is just a small portion of the store.)

DSC_0395It was a mix of traditional and modern items, ranging from bones, stones and shells to metal trinkets of peace sign, flags and metal words etc. The image below is the a very nice lady named Grace who helped me select and try on the pieces and even showed me the small workshop just behind a wall and slightly visible from the store. Everything is hand made! DSC_0390Below are the items I purchased! The first three images are from Boracay. The first in the foot candy, the small loop is hooked around the long toe (next to the Hallux) whilst the larger hoop is worn around the ankles as the leather pads rest on the top. They come in different designs and colours with trinkets attached. This one has a tiny bell and jingles as you walk! It’s suitable for the beach but it looks pretty neat around the hands too! The second is a bracelet made of snake bone and tiger eye. Snake bone is commonly used. The third is an armlet which has snake bone, tigers eye, trinkets and bone (forgive me I forgot where the bone came from) which has carvings from the artist in Boracay. Native Jewellery - compilationThe final image are two necklaces purchased in Iloilo, they were found with the help of a friend named Jake! One is of a carved quartz, the clearer the better. The second is of a boar fang. In the city it is harder to find native jewellery in stores and are mostly found on street corners. The man selling me the items was extremely helpful, analysing my taste and showing me things either similar or better to what I picked out. Each piece is different and none are exact replicas of each other which also adds a personalised feel to the items. 
DSC_0871 Below are images of bracelets, anklets and pouches made of turtle shells! It was an experience and when native jewellery hunting, the advice I give is to keep your options open, explore different stalls because you might find a more attractive and cheaper item!DSC_0872

Mikey Espinosa – The Trinity T-shirts & meaning behind the photoshoot

Mikey Espinosa - MEBANDIT2I don’t usually like to explain what the meaning of the work I put out means, but with these pictures that I’ve released however, a lot of people have asked me “why are you covering the faces? what is up with the balaclavas?” and I really was trying to put out a message. Most of these photographs were taken in the “paradise” known as Boracay during my stay in the Philippines. Wearing these threatening masks in what’s seen to be a peaceful place points out that things aren’t always as they seem and there’s something deeper and that we should always be aware of what is happening in our world.Mikey Espinosa - KEYHOLE(PERVERSION)The Voyeur T-shirt

In this image, the jewellery is made from bone and stones by the people of Boracay. In no way am I trying to put down Boracay (I do love the place) but it is an example of how people see a oportunity to earn money and they do whatever it takes to get it. Boracay used to be a natural paradise, though I was very young, in the 90s I remember there were no buildings, just nipa huts and if you wanted to walk around at night, you needed a lamp. Nowadays it is a major tourist attraction and there are hundreds of shops, restaurants, street lights, hotels and clubs near the beach front, polluting the beach and ruining its natural beauty. Nowadays, people have realised the damage that has been caused and are trying to find ways to preserve its appearance but it is a little too late. This image represents the anger I personally feel towards the treatment of beautiful natural locations that have been sabotaged. There are other ways of making a business in such places without having to damage the environment.


The See, hear and speak no evil T-shirt

In this photo, the T-shirt design has three women (my own version of the three wise monkeys, See, hear and speak no evil) with feathers spreading across the body of the shirt. This represents freedom, the feathers and wing like shapes band together to show strength, together it shows the strength one gives themselves to go against the negative influences of society. A strength I feel the people who fight for a cause, despite what people in power might say. This was photographed in Kalibo Bakhawan which is an eco park and Mangrove forest. In the 1990s, the Kalibo Save the Mangrove Association took over what looked like a wasteland and it involved people, educating them about the environment. They transformed the wasteland by getting people to plant trees during their visit, to this day, you can see the growth and the beauty and how it has become a new home for many creatures.I’ll be doing an art piece (and hopefully a video) inspired by my visit at Bakhawan!


The soul mirror T-shirt

This image represents the corruption of individuals after a taste of wealth and luxury is given to them. The T-shirt design reveals a regal mirror design, inspired by a Mirror I saw in the Victoria and Albert museum designed by a man named Robert Adam made in 1770-1771. When I saw it, it just looked so rich and lavish and I tried to express this in my own design. I decided that the mirror would be black and would retain the rough pen sketch marks I did while darkening the mirror, to symbolise complexity and darkness. The model poses in a provocative and narcissistic way. The balaclava allows her head to almost merge into the dark background to suit with the theme of self and indulgence.

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