Mikey Espinosa – Mermaids Lure

I recently watched a Polish movie called THE LURE. It is a musical/horror/darkthriller movie which I feel will be a cult classic in the future. After watching it, I was fascinated with the idea of seduction and how mermaids use their voices to hypnotise their listeners. IMG_3938IMG_3952IMG_3966IMG_4161IMG_4162IMG_4177I also wanted to tell a story of unrequited love. Do you see it?



My redesign of Ariel from my first ever film that I watched, Disney’s The Little MermaidMikey Espinosa - Disney redesign sq - Ariel sq close upI wanted her to wear loose and draped clothing because I imagine it would look like a floating spectacle underwater as she floats and swims, almost like a jelly fish. Her clothing is held together by her shells. Ariel - Mikey Espinosa - Disney Princess fan art 2016 bnwStaying true to the colours of Ariel, I decided to use the pink she wears when she has dinner with Prince Eric as the main colour of the fabric. She wears flowers and coral in her hair.  Ariel - Mikey Espinosa - Disney Princess fan art 2016